July 5 - August 23, 2013

Tennessee Arts Commission Gallery

Working in clay for over thirty years, Cookeville, Tennessee artist Marilee Hall has many stories to tell. She states “I revel in the nourishment clay provides.” Building her three-dimensional illustrations of popular children’s folk tales - mixed with a few
of her own, Hall’s work uses soft muted palettes that are inviting and spirited. Her process includes “working with armatures, slabs, by coiling, pinching, padding and carving.”  She is the former director of ART Prowl Studio and Gallery in Cookeville,
and has shown extensively across the country in states such as Texas, Missouri, North Carolina and Maryland. Her work is collected both locally and internationally to individuals and corporations. As a self-employed artist who is highly active at national fairs and festivals, her content, technique and strong design elements make her pieces notable. She states “I am drawn to figurative work,…expressing my belief in the inherent goodness of humankind.”

Marilee Hall Image

“Off With the Head!”  or “Down the Rabbit Hole” by Marilee Hall.  White earthenware coil built with metal oxides and layered underglazes and textured glazes.


Marilee Hall Image2

“Talking with His Totem” by Marilee Hall.  White earthenware built on armature from slabs, coiling, pinching; with metal oxides, underglazes and textured glazes.


Marilee Hall Image3

Wall Tile Series by Marilee Hall. 

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