Caritas Village: Community Collective

January 11 - March 8, 2013

Tennessee Arts Commission Gallery


Caritas Village, in the heart of one of Memphis’ most diverse neighborhoods, is a “tripartite cultural arts center, community center and coffee shop” whose mission is “to break down walls of hostility between the cultures, to build bridges of love and trust between the rich and those made poor, and to provide a positive alternative to the street corners for the neighborhood children.”  The artists chosen for this group show work within the community to fulfill this generous vision.  Photographer Glenn Booth captures the inner city struggles of young and old in his portraits.  Jamond Bullock uses storytelling to inspire his canvases.  Maritza Davila explores ancestry through art, “the inseparable qualities that, through blood and culture, make us who we are.”   Chère Labbé Doiron’s mixed media is inspired by the lineage of strong women in her family.  Art teacher Lurlyn Franklin explores social ideas and stereotypes in her paintings. Barbara J. Lester experiences the redemptive, healing power of art as instrumental in her recovery from Traumatic Brain Injury.  Carl E. Moore’s work is a commentary on current social and economic conditions.  Darlene Newman brings humor to the spiritual concepts animating her paintings. Bill Piacesi uses photography to heighten awareness of the disenfranchised.  Frank D. Robinson, Jr.’s vivid murals adorn Caritas’ building inside and out, exhibiting a strong sense of place.  Bernie Thomas’ whimsical fish sculptures delight the eye.  Commitment to community grounds and illuminates each artist’s path as they share their skills and perspectives with others.  

caritas village image one

(Above) "Nurturing The Hurt Village - Home of the Blues," mural by Frank D. Robinson, Jr.


Caritas Village Image2

(above) "Violet Peace, Southern Wall," 2006 wall mural by Barbara J. Lester


Caritas Village Image3

(above) "Housing Crash Number 3" by Carl E. Moore


Free Admission

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