Suta Lee "Public/Private"
December 19, 2013 - February 7, 2014

Suta Lee has a Master of Fine Art in Painting from Cornell University. He has exhibited work around the country and is in many private and public collections including the Tennessee State Museum. Currently, he teaches painting and digital photography at Austin Peay State University in Clarksville, Tennessee.
This body of work is about the transient nature of being a bystander and the temptations of voyeurism. A passenger, a tourist or a local person can flow from one type to another seamlessly. Each person is alone in public but maintaining a small private space, a bubble if you will; that moves with him. These moments are fascinating and intriguing to the artist. He continues to develop this series by going to different public areas to document people in those environments. These portraits are from Trafalgar Square in London, San Marco Square in Venice, and Time Square in New York.