Creating treasures from discarded metals intrigues Chattanooga artist, Denice Bizot. She spends hours searching through junk and muddy slosh pits to hunt down interesting shapes, some suitable for assemblages others for torching.
“Metal recycle centers have become my favorite haven. While massive machines are busy crushing cars, churning old washing machines into delightful forms, I’m assessing the potential of car hoods, drum lids, shovels and twisted sheets of steel to be carted back to studio to continue the transformation into sculpture.”
Every piece of metal is pierced using a hand-held plasma torch by Bizot without assistants. “I would like to thank my friend Dave, an art patron and business owner, for allowing me to prowl his recycle center to continue my passion for sculpting.”

About the Tennessee Arts Commission Gallery
The Tennessee Arts Commission Gallery is dedicated to exhibiting and promoting the talents of artists working in visual art, craft, media, and design disciplines from across the state of Tennessee. 

The gallery features a combination of solo, duo, and group exhibitions from artists working in visual art, craft, media, and design disciplines who represent all regions of the state.  Exhibitions are curated by the Director for Visual Arts, Craft and Media.

The TAC Gallery is located in the Tennessee Arts Commission on the corner of 4the Avenue and Charlotte Avenue in downtown Nashville.  The gallery space has approximately 100 running feet of wall space.  The ceiling is approximately 23 feet high in some areas and at its lowest is approximately 11 feet high.