Tennessee Arts Commission Gallery

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Current Gallery Exhibit

Founded in 2009, the Master Artist Apprentice Program (MAAP) looks to preserve the state’s cultural heritage. A cooperative partnership between the Tennessee Arts Commission and Tennessee Craft, the program is designed to encourage and invest in the creation, development and continuation of Tennessee craft by recognizing the vital role of the master-apprentice relationship.

Artist pairs are contracted to construct specific goals and objectives for learning new skills or techniques. They then spend seven months in one-on-one, intensive training.

In this years exhibit, three master-apprentice relationships are featured:
• Master artist Timothy Webster worked with apprentice Joshua Houben in pottery
• Master artist Nancy Cooley with apprentice Courtney Adair Johnson in paper and book binding
• Master artist Scott Hodes with apprentice James DePuy in glass.

Cover image: Joshua Houben working in pottery.

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