Santos Antonio Ascensio (Honduran vocalist, rancheras, punta)

Santos is the man with a golden voice. He arrived in Sevierville just two and a half years ago. Today he is performing at a Cinco de Mayo celebration.Video 50: Santos Ascensio sings along with mariachis during Cinco de Mayo Festival. Photo by Rafael Casco.

“I was born in Honduras, in the region of Olancho. My dream has always been to grow in my music. But I need a ladder. A person who would help me. Support, you know?”

His singing talent comes from his father’s side. Santos' brothers and father are singers too.
From his mother he got he got the love of plastic arts. “I have made some self-portraits,” he said.
“What I like the most is singing Ranchera 48 music, like Vicente Fernandez,” and he surely can sing! "If someone requests a song, as long as we have the track, I can sing it." Santos sings solo and also with a mariachi band. When asked about Honduran folk music, he quickly said "I can sing punta too!”

Punta 49 is a Garifuna music and dance style originally from Honduras, whose popularity has spread throughout Central America and Mexico. The Garifuna are a distinct cultural enclave with a strong West African heritage mixed with indigenous, Spanish, and English speaking Caribbean influences. Originating as part of funeral customs, modern punta lyrics may be in English, Spanish, or the Garifuna language, with its West African syntax. (See also: Sandra Henríquez de Matute and Juan Carlos Gutierrez’ sections for more information on punta.)

Santos hopes to find someone who will help him to further develop his music. He wants to meet and be known by more people; he hopes to perform at HoLa Festival, because that will help him promote his music.


Photo 100: Santos Ascensio sings rancheras at Cinco de Mayo Festival 2012. Photo by Rafael Casco.



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