Livestock Equipment

Minimum Requirements
Certifications Lifetime Limit $2,000 Maximum
Cattle – 30 Head
Goats/Sheep – 50 Head
BQA – Beef and Dairy
Permit - Dairy
Not Applicable Standard 35%
Cost Share
Master 50%
Cost Share
Head of livestock = maximum number of single type, regardless of sex or age, at one time during the last 12 months.



Eligible Items


  1. Pasture sprayers
    -     min. tank capacity: 100 gal.
    -     min. pump output: 20 gal. per minute
    -     PTO or hydraulically driven roller or centrifugal pump
    -     Air-blast sprayers not eligible
  2. NEW Pasture sprayer GPS
  3. NEW Mobile calf catcher pen
    -     ATV or UTV attachment
    -     scales and/or hitch optional


  1. Covered mineral feeders
    -     stand alone and ground only
    -     insecticide and/or oil applicator combinations not eligible
  2. Feed bins - stationary (concrete pad–optional)
    -     min. capacity 4 dry tons
  3. Unload auger for feed bin - max. 29 ft. length
  4. Automatic cube pellet feeders
  5. Bunk feeders (concrete to level-optional)
    -     concrete formed and/or steel
    -     poly bunks not eligible
  6. Creep feeder and/or creep pen for existing creep feeder
  7. Hay feeder - hay ring, cone insert or combo
  8. Slant bar hay feeding wagon


  1. Head gate *
    -     neck extenders and/or brisket bar may be purchased for existing equipment
  2. Squeeze chute* (concrete to level–optional)
  3. Palpation cage*
  4. Carriage*
  5. Hoof trimming table or chute
  6. Curved or offset working chute* - includes breeding box
  7. Animal scale (concrete to level–optional)
    -     if used for commerce must be state certified
  8. Concrete - for leveling items 5, 8, 13, and 18
  9. EID, portable and/or panel readers
  10. NEW Ultrasound and accessories
  11. Alleyway* - single animal wide
  12. Rolling block doors*
  13. Crowding tub* - includes Bud Box
  14. Maternity pen kit - max. size per pen 15’x15’
  15. Portable corral panels* for Livestock Management use only
    -    includes gate-in-frame, creep panel and/or calf pass through panel
  16. Tubular gates - for Livestock Management use only
  17. Headlock stanchions and/or palpation rails
  18. Loading chute*
  19. Holding pen – max. size: 30,000 sq. ft.
    -    securely attached to a handling, working or loading system
    -    completely enclosed perimeter
    -     stand-alone sides not eligible

The items below are ONLY eligible if used to construct these working system components: alleyway, crowding tub, working chute, loading chute and/or holding pen.  These items MUST be completely installed at time of reimbursement.

•    Add-on alley sheets
•    Alley frames* and/or alley back stops*
•    Guard rail*
•    Lumber – boards and/or post
•    Metal post – includes I-beams, piping and or T-post
•    Wire stockade or bull panels (1 to 6 gauge)

 Dairy Only Items Dairy producers can also purchase items listed above.

  1. Commercial water heater - must be capable of maintaining a water temperature of 165 degrees
  2. Water sterilization equipment
  3. Plate exchanger for heating water or cooling milk   
  4. Milk vacuum pump
  5. Milker pulsation equipment
  6. Vacuum system regulators
  7.  Vacuum gauges
  8. Milk pipeline system - includes but not limited to automatic washer/sanitizing unit, clean in-place unit, washers, milker claws (units), vertical wash vat, milk meters and monitoring systems
  9. Milking equipment service contract - must be no longer than a 12 month period
  10. Antibiotic and mastitis testing for on farm use - cow-side tests including test kits, subclinical mastitis detectors, and incubator or heater block
  11. Milk quality lab analyses

Goats/Sheep Only Items Goats/Sheep producers can also purchase items above.

  1. Kidding/lambing pen, max. size per pen, 144 sq. ft. (12x12)
  2. Fitting stand/hoof trimming table or chute
  3. Tilt/roll table (concrete to level-optional)
  4. Sheep shears - min. 3 inch wide head - min. 2000 RPM


1      It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that their project is eligible and meets all TAEP criteria.

* Only items where (*) is indicated may be new or used. Used items must be:
 •     In excellent working condition
 •     No excessive rust
 •     Functional soundness
 •     Reasonable market price


For additional information call 1-800-342-8206 or email
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