Grain Storage

Acreage Minimum Requirements Certifications NEW Lifetime Limit $10,000 Maximum Reimbursement
100 Acres of land in row crop production Not Applicable Grain Bins –
Three (3) Reimbursements
Standard 35% Cost Share



Eligible Items

  1. New permanent bins - min. capacity of 10,000 bushels
    • Smaller capacity bins can be combined to reach 10,000 bushels minimum
  2. New permanently affixed equipment and accessories, necessary for proper and safe handling of grain, including drying and aeration components, conveyors and bin unload augers  
  3. Labor for the construction of new bins and installation of new equipment - reimbursement for labor cannot exceed 30% of total reimbursement - labor provided by the applicant is not eligible
  4. Portable bagging system
  5. Grain vacuum
  6. Transport auger*
  7. Site preparation
    • concrete foundations
    • aprons
    • pads
    • associated labor and materials for construction of new bins and/or equipment


  1. It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that their project is eligible and meets all TAEP criteria.

     *Only items where (*) is indicated may be new or used. Used items must be:
    •     In excellent working condition
    •     No excessive rust
    •     Functional soundness
    •     Reasonable market price

For additional information call 1-800-342-8206 or email
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