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Our Design

Whether you are browsing on a desktop, tablet or smartphone, the site adapts to fit your screen and your browsing preference. As the use of tablets and mobile devices continue to increase, it's important that we provide the user with an experience that's similar to what you expect when browsing our desktop site.

On the homepage, we provide users with the option to filter through the content. This is an easy way to find exactly what you need on the homepage.

Our Design Features

CSS Animation

We use a css technique to animate transitions, that works well on iOS devices, Android devices and modern desktop browsers.

HTML 5 uses HTML5 to create advanced interactions & make improvements to forms. Since most mobile devices don't support flash, HTML5 can deliver video to mobile devices.

Web Fonts

Wonderful improvements have developed in the last few years with web typography. is taking advantage of this throughout the site.


We’re using CSS3 to create the most immersive experience possible for visitors using modern browsers.

ARIA Roles

Accessible Rich Internet Application (ARIA) Roles is a semantic standard for creating better richness in the code. By adding new tags to our HTML, we're able to better serve our visitors using assistive technologies.


Accessibility is one of our top priorities. We are committed to making accessible to all users and we have included several features designed to improve accessibility for all users. To learn more, read our accessibility policy.

Responsive Design has been redesigned to bring you a seamless experience on mobile and tablet devices. Whether you are on a desktop, tablet or mobile device, adapts to fit your screen. The result is a better experience for everyone.

Swipe Gestures

As the use of tablets continue to increase, it's important that we deliver a more intuitive experience. uses swipe gestures to provide tablet users with a better experience.